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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Don't Fall Victim, Beware the Robocall!

Some "Representative" of the House is trying to get votes by sending Anti-Undocumented Robocalls. Is this hate speech, an intimidation tactic, or just plain ignorant?

Have you received a call from "her"... whoever she is, I couldn't understand what her name was.

Here, have a listen:

By the sounds of it, she claims to be an Orange County resident. The phone number I got the call from is 1-412-430-5625, which is a Pittsburg, PA number per [link]

If you know what she is saying and would like to help with a transcription that would be great! Here's what Google Voice and I could transcribe:
"I'm Mel eyes. And he's eating office and I'm running against you man, a liar and a hypocrite. I am a legal immigrant who's lived in Orange County for 33 years and graduated from U C Irvine. finalized and of course I approve this message. does Vote honesty, vote on."

#StandStrong! #Not1MoreDeportation #DAPA #DACA #CIR #ComprehensiveImmigrationReform

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