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Monday, November 14, 2016

Counting Blessings

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The season of giving thanks is here; and those who know me well, also know what I really think about the holiday. However, I will try to veer away from all the negative and focus on what has helped me grow and be a step closer to the person I am meant to be.

Parents get Certificate of Completion
(Padres en Acción by kidHEALTHY)
First and foremost, I am proud to say that I am really enjoying my time as a School Community Liaison. Helping people is what comes natural to me, and as a bonus, the families seem to have welcomed me with tremendous trust to look after them. My daily interaction with the students has helped me become one of the best role models they look up to. They have taught me more than I let them know they have. Those kids are such a diverse group, socially and intellectually, but we keep on learning from each other with ease. I take great pride when I see parents losing their fears because I know it is difficult for everyone to get out of our comfort zone, we just need to keep constant and not let every little obstacle impair our growth.

Citizenship Fair at River Church, Anaheim
(by OCCORD + World Relief)
Secondly, I’m thankful that I can continue assisting our immigrant community. To help prepare those qualifying individuals to apply for their naturalization. And to motivate our community to take an active part in our democracy. It has been a tough year for democracy indeed. We are charged with the responsibility to keep democracy alive and thriving. Do not let fear rule, stand up and let your voice be heard! We will continue to fight the struggles we face today, so that our children won’t need to tomorrow.

We bid adieu to Citizenship Program Mentor,
Don Mario Breña
And lastly, I am blessed with the company I keep. They have been an inspiration for social justice, mental health, and are all around the best people I could have ever met. Thank you all, my fellow justice fighters, for all your mentorship, friendship and support. You all have helped me break most of those barriers that kept me trapped in a directionless path. Because of you, I am once again getting back on track with my education. Thank you for your encouragement, patience and advice.

The work has just begun, there are still loads more to do. Be proud of all that you have accomplished!

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