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Saturday, September 3, 2011

#ff @hellocolorgray @gentosesisan @juliegower87

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In this edition of #FollowFriday we are going to visit some more talented individuals that you might want to start following their every move, or not... that's your decision.

First up, in the Local category we have Grayson Villanueva.
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He's a talented young musician that not only has a great voice, mean guitar skills, but also he's got quite the heart for giving back to the community.
Here's a cover medley as rendered by "The Chicharrones"...

Moving on to the National category is Genesis Santos.

Kuya (big brother) Gen will sure have you entertained, if it isn't by one of his parodies, vlogs, or mini series... he just grabs your attention with advise or just being himself. 
Here's one episode of his series entitled "vLogs&Rants"

Closing shop with the Global category is Julie Gower.
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There's no words to describe this girl. I'll leave it to your ears and see why I chose her for this week's follow friday post.

Hope you enjoyed these three amazing people. Stay tuned for next week's roundup! Where I will introduce you, if you haven't met them yet, THREE more people that inspire greatness and well being in others. One Local Entertainer -in the SoCal area- A National Entertainer -U.S. of A.- and Another Entertainer from around the world.
If you have any suggestions, make them known with a comment. The purpose of these series is to promote great artists, discovered and/or not well known. And if you are an You[Tube] entertainer as well, who would also like some advertising on this side of the globe... leave me a message and I'll see when you could get in the series.


PS: Had a job interview today and didn't have the time to post this earlier. It still counts, right? Wish you have a nice long Labor Day weekend to those in the States... and to the rest of the readers... hope you have an AWESOME WEEKEND!!! =P
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