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Friday, August 19, 2011

#ff @xcreativexsoulx @juzdin @bubzbeauty

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Welcome to yet another edition of the #FF and #FollowFriday suggestions.

Today I'm going to recommend you check these three amazing people, remember... that these are people of great talent and are great in what they do.

Lets start with one of our local favorites Kits Gallegos
twitter | You[Tube] | Blog

But anything that I have to say here would make any difference, since you are your own decision maker. So, check out Kits in one of his crazy adventures or as an entire melodramatic family. *GASP*
Here's a little taste of the madness...

Now there are so many awesome people to invite you to check out to only showcase one per Friday...

This next person has been climbing the awesomeness ladder quite fast. Who is that? None other than the very ONE and ONLY ... CHUSON ONE!!!

Oi! Justin SanJuan has a great way to keep you entertained as well as informed, by no other way than by bringing the voice from the unheard be heard. 
Let's shuffle on to some thoughts on the latest RIOT ... -_-

And to end things for today... Lets travel around the world, and visit a real cutie >-< lol
twitter | You[Tube] | Blog

Everyone knows her as Bubzbeauty but her close friends know her by Lindi. She has some interesting ways of looking at the hardships of life, her latest vlog... FIRST DATE @_@

Hope you enjoyed these three amazing people. Stay tuned for next week's roundup! Where I will introduce you, if you haven't met them yet, THREE people that inspire greatness. One Local Entertainer -in the SoCal area- A National Entertainer -U.S. of A.- and Another Entertainer from around the world.
If you have any suggestions, make them known with a comment. The purpose of these series is to promote great artists, discovered and/or not well known. And if you are an You[Tube] entertainer as well, who would also like some advertising on this side of the globe... leave me a message and I'll see when you get in the series.


PS: Have an awesome weekend! =]

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