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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Random Blogging Three Six Five (2010)
The Inevitable
by Omar Perez

Too often we get so used to the things that surround us. 
The things that we see every day as we go on with our lives.
The things that we hear as we run through it all.
Those things that we are forced to touch.
All the things that we taste, gorging down our throat.
Yes, and those things that trigger our facial expressions just by a sniff.
ALL THESE and loads more of things... 
Have you ever stopped and thought that maybe someday,
someday that grand and powerful looking tree might not be there tomorrow?
What if a freak storm were to gain ground at that vast field,
the field where in Spring is full of life and color, and the ever working sound
of hardworking bees... pollinating and making honey. Bzz.
Would you miss hearing that sound? Seeing that tree?

The many surfaces that we come in contact with,
some soft, some rough, but all the same we come in contact with.
All too often we devour that we seek to feed our bodies,
replenishing our energy, or maybe just to fill that void.
But have we really given a thought, and realize that there are,
indeed, some that can't even experience the pain of a food comma?
That there might be someone that can't experience the vast textures of the world,
someone that only dreams of being just like you and me?

What a beautiful rose, white and pure! ::sigh::
If only I can feel it, run my fingers through it, smell it... if only...
These we have taken for granted, so is that we no longer see,
we no longer hear, we no longer smell, we no longer taste, 
we no longer feel... we have fallen into the ordinary.

What is it that holds you back? To experience the wonders of the world.
To be able to spread your wings and set your soul free. 
Take the time and SLOW-DOWN...
Observe what wonders there are, even in your backyard.
Listen to the most faint sound, even when it appears to be none.
Caress and feel the warmth of a wonderful day. The light.
Savor every bite, every taste, every moment. And cherish.
Hold on to the aroma of life, and record it with your mind.
For all these that are here now, might not be with you in an hour.

It is inevitable, to miss and look past all the great things that are here.
All the grandiose gifts that the Lord has given us with LOVE.
It is our most grateful joy to take notice and be submerged in such grace.
But just the same... in an instance, we no longer could appreciate.
Reminisce, what once was. Make it last forever... surpass the barrier,
the barrier and slaving force that time is. Things change.


For change is inevitable. Enjoy and share with your soul what you have now.
Stop wishing for what you don't have... and focus on how blessed we truly are.
We have each other, our families, and good friends... but we also have GOD!
Take a moment for yourself, and wind down in gratefulness...
for you are here...

... Change...
is inevitable! ...

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