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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To be a MAN!

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What is it that makes a man?

Well, gender alone doesn't cut it!

To become a man is to make all the right choices regardless of what others think, believe or say about you. A man is a good individual, a good leader, a good teacher, a great father, a wonderful husband, a good role model. A man is self made, not arrogant, he is made by through actions, decisions and choices rather than through self image, cosmetics and make believe. A real man is not what the media portraits a man to be, a macho-man, for that is a false interpretation of what a true man really is.

A man is what YOU make yourself to be, and is not afraid of showing emotions, not afraid of believing in himself as to believing in God. Make the right decisions and follow what your heart dictates. THAT'S A REAL MAN!

For a woman's point of view of what makes a man... follow the link bellow. That article is quite lengthy, FYI.
What Makes A Man? by Ashtoreth Valecourt from Blog Critics

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