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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Longest Weekend Ever

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'Twas at night, and everyone was silent. Yes, lights turned off, and we all hid behind couches and furniture around the living room. Awaiting for that special person to walk through that door. Time passes, and the moment is finally here.

---Freeze Frame--- --- --- Rewind, day before---
So it's Thursday and my cousins and I are out running errands while our aunts stayed behind and prepare the meals for the next day. FYI, mother is at work, and we're getting ready at my aunts place. Such a long day of driving and such, but everything got done in time for the next day.
Here comes Friday, and with it, a short work day, having this in mind, father waits for mother to get home and treat her to dine out. While they are out, we come in and set it all up. If the day before was hectic, this time is semi-chaotic. If I were to put this into a metaphor, I saw it as if it were like a bunch of chickens which had their heads chopped off and now running around with no direction. The difference is that we DID have a goal. Everything got done without any casualties.

---Resume Play---

Hugs flew all around, all towards mother of course. We had family flown in and others that called her and congratulated her. Dinner was such a treat and everything went so smooth, everyone ate their fill. So music played, people danced, and at the end, we all chatted the evening away. Time to hit the hay!

Coming Saturday, there rose a situation, home's water lines cave in at last. We knew it was a matter of time, but our requests to Housing fell onto deaf ears. Now we don't have working water in the kitchen and in half a bathroom. Spent the hole day cleaning the pipes, fixing the kitchen faucet and the bathroom sink. Glad to say, everything was working fine until the pipes clogged again, there's a zinc problem running through the pipes. This place is old. We ended the day using a garden hose with nozzle to wash dishes after the sink broke for good.

Since Sunday is usually all booked up for family functions, we didn't spend time at all to try and fix the sink again. So, not much done there. And this time, loads of celebrating to do... besides mother's birthday, Lunar New Year was huge this year around. Did it have to do with the fact that it fell in the same day as Valentine? My answer would be NO! This is the time of year I wish my family were into this celebration as they are in other lowly festivities, but they aren't, so... I didn't get Lucky Envelopes this year. Perhaps next year.

Making this weekend even longer, enter President's Day! Yet another day to not get proactive, and just leisurely pass it away. I got an awkward visit from one of 'my uncles' and ... yeah... my scheduled task for the day got delayed because he could communicate with his wife.
AND NOW... time for "PET PEEVE OF THE MONTH" ...
I really detest it when our 'elders' don't communicate to each other, leaving us the 'off spring' dwelling in their mistakes and web of misunderstandings; and picking up the pieces of their broken relationships.

What is so fat about it? Just because it is the day before RELIGIOUS groups go into FASTING mode for the next forty days, scratch that... for the next TWO months; just another excuse for the rest of the population to binge in their primitive desires even more so. This is not meant to be a rant, but since I already have a pet peeve of the MONTH... I'll leave this for another time, hence making this weekend even LONGER.

Everybody out there setting themselves for the binge... be responsible and party safe.

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