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Thursday, February 11, 2010

You[Tube] Scheduling

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Some of you may know that I manage a couple of You[Tube] Channels, and MOST of you may just found out NOW.
Just to give you a little or overwhelming taste of what I do... head on over to the following.
Mighty Chief Productions

If you are as confused as I am, let me just try to clarify a little bit. Mighty Chief Productions started when I graduated High School and is basically focused on projects with some teachings and projects for promoting organizations. Generally, not-for-profit organizations. This channel doesn't have much despite the times, reason being that when the material was edited, it could not be posted online... and now it has gone missing. The videos there posted are the ones that I'm finding along the way while working on new material.

eoPG13 is my new personal channel where I post random footage of projects that are on development. More likely to transform into a video log channel.
And last but definitely not least, SILVERBLUEFIRE !!! This channel is dedicated to events coverage, mostly not-for-profit organizations' fundraisers. Currently, there, releasing the performances from the Liwanag 2009 Homeless Outreach Benefit Concert. Already published are some of past events mixed in. Here's thought, how about we make this channel popular with everyone you know, reaching the thousands of peoples around the community, and therefor meet the criteria for a partnership and then donate to the organizations there shown, and to their OUTREACHES! Let's make this a reality, SPREAD THE WORD!!! silverbluefire

On another note, I've been trying to work out with a schedule on to which day upload videos. So far, I decided it would be best to move the silverbluefire channel uploads from the weekends to Thursdays. With that said, here's this week's performance:

As for the other two channels, we'll see what projects we can come up with. I've been working on some short stories, and some music covers, it would be great to incorporate more individuals in those projects.
Got any ideas of what project would be fun to do next? Would you like to participate in future projects? Just leave a comment or email me at peegeeonethree


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