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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back to School!

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Never thought I would see the day, that I could once again go back to school.

At long last, this Winter is finally coming to a close. ENTER SPRING SEMESTER!
And it is just like a blessing coming from above; for despite the economic situation that haunt so many of us, young students, and the young at heart, there were just enough funding for ONE course this semester. Alas, what about books, material, services, health and parking fees? You might ask... Well, there, my dearest, lies the execution charge that will send me in that spiral straight to death by debt. Is there anything we could do to help out? Glad you ask, if you think you can help me out financially, you can donate  to the cause and assist me on getting what I need to get an education this year. Any amount is welcome and after all fees are paid, with the surplus on financial assistance provided by you, the surplus will be donated to a charity in your name/s.

All you financial attributions will be greatly appreciated.
Please leave a comment with a charitable suggestion just in case there is a surplus.
Estimated financial need for Spring 2010 ~ $120.00 give or take. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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