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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two Down

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This morning started with second guesses.
Starting with the morning routine, what to do... what to do?

Decided on attending class, perhaps this time there will be someone in the lab that would let us work on our exercises. Well, there WAS! But even when it all was starting to look great, there comes the MIDTERM!

Not bad, but not perfect either. An application tools shortcuts midterm... Yes, the easiest thing ever, even then... I couldn't come up with ever single one. Some where correct for certain, a couple where defenitelly questionable, and then there were the ones I didn't even fill in. But to make up for my lack of recalling information, I tried to name the ones that wheren't even numbered. O, but there is also a back side to this... If I hadn't just curiously turned the paper, I would most definetelly get -50% by default. Lucky me.

It didn't really take much to complete the examination, concequently giving more time for lab work. By the way, don't you loath it when the files you've been hard working with didn't save appropriatelly, or you accidentally erased what you've worked on? Well, that really does put a dent on your progress. Luckally, my file wasn't that messed up, but it did set me back quite significantly. Committed to turn in exercise five by the end of the day... I got to it! It didn't take as much time as expected to rework the file, granted I got going on exercise 6, quite a long one may I add.
By the end of this little ordeal, there was still some time left on the clock to make a good dent on exercise 7. I skimmed through the chapter, decided it wouldn't take much but the drive was already short on free space. And I didn't want to lose any work on the other projects I am currently working on.
'Till monday then...
-two down-

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