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Friday, October 23, 2009

Making a Blog

Random Blogging
I'm almost very certain that everybody knows what a blog is and also how to creat one. Unless there's someone just like myself that didn't care squat about blogging and the such. This has been a challenge for me, for I don't have the habit of writing nor expresing myself. Thanks to this project, doors have been open, doors I didn't even knew were there.

moving on...
What is this project about?
Have in mind that the spects of the project had to be followed as written in order to promote easyness and compativility with the class. I mean they are there so that everyone has the same items and thus be easier to follow along with the instructor's instructions.

Art129 F09
Graphic Design Concepts for the Web
Project 3: Make a Blog

-Using the 6 photographs from Project 1, and 4 additional photos (either scanned or taken with a digital camera) you will create a blog about yourself. [That my friend, is the hardest part for me]
-If you have any questions concerning how to get images or video off of your digital camera, please bring [it to class and we'll figure it out with the class]
-Create a blog at [There is a vast variety of blogging communities. Experiment if you think it's necessary]
-You must have a GMAIL account; they are free to create. Please use your name or name with number. [So that it is easier to know who is who from this class. I noticed that there is another blogger with the same name as myself, so I had to take a more identifyable approach]
-Email me the link to your blog / subscribe to my blog. [ Button Mania!]

1.- Choose a color palette and overal design.
2.- Create a blog entry.
3.- Edit the profile and include a profile photo.
4.- Write a post.
5.- Add images. Keep the photos under 1MG. Use Photoshop to resize the images.
Your first 5 post should include: class information, photos from project one, a summary of project two, and a summary of the objectives of project three.
6.- Add a video.
7.- Additional consideration:
+Privacy permissions
+Customizing your layout
+Follow other blogs
+Fonts and color
+Archiving options
+Mobile blogging
+Adding a gadget
+Rate 5 outside blogs

After going through the assignment handout again, I've realized that I haven't yet followed the directions to the letter... YET.
And I most certainly will not stick to the instruction... as now it is obvious. Just look at them previous posts, and the coming ones as well.
I decided to include posts based on my other two classes at this institution.
Be patient...

I'm on the works of creating... I mean, REcreating the steps it took me to get here. Due to unforseen complications.

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