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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's a Blur

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So, due to the complications produced by the completion of a class assignment...
I missed classes from last Tuesday to Thursday... and barely made it to Friday class.

Got to leave it to me and my crazy ideas.
Trying to outdo myself yet again, I had my "At The PoolSide" photoshoot over the weekend, despite the chilling temperatures of the day, let along the freezing conditions of the pool's water. Luckaly I was done with some fainting rays of sun.

So I started getting somewhat of a runny nose by Monday evening. The next morning woke up with an aching body and some temperature. By class time in the evening, I developed a headache... and with a runny nose, I decided to stay home until I'd get well.
That was the ordeal, and Friday came in with some great news, though the feeling of tiredness greeted me good morning, I made it to class. And in good lights, it was a very insightful one, may I add.

Now when I resumed with my Tuesday class...
I find out that they/we too had a midterm. But not through the instructor, for when prompted he replied "I can't even remember, it all is a blur"
Oh well, at least I got to work on my package design for a toy based on a well known television character.
But my mind is blurred with many ideas... motion blurred. ^_^Vm!

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