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Friday, October 23, 2009

Concepts for the Web

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What is this you say?
This post shares the information about the class that started this whole movement. Although I've been talking about other classes, and I still will keep talking about them, this assignment was made possible by this class.

ART129 Fall2009
Graphic Designs Concepts for the Web

Descrption/Course Purpose:
Advisory reading level: 3. Pre-req - Art 129 or 195 or 229 or Computer Science 155
Introduction to graphic design concepts for the web. Includes learning technical aspects of web safe colors, file optimization, effects, images, slicing, rollover, and applying the elements and principles of design. Includes creative web design projects. Photoshop skillls recommended.

Objectives - Expected Outcomes
Upon completion of this course students will be able to:
- Identify and produce different types of web sites.
- Orginize files: create folders / web site / FTP successfully.
- Technology: Use Photoshop, Fireworks correctly using images, graphics, text, animation, and links, and interactivity to design web sites.
- Design: Use Elements and Principles of design to create compositions, including creating a focal point, balance, lead lines and color schemes.
- Creativity: Use brainstorming techniques to create innovative compositions.
- Work Skills: Demonstrate ability to apply business skills by following directions, being on time, meeting deadlines, participating in discussions and critiques, and being prepared with books, handouts and assignments in class.

Course Format
- Lecture, Demonstration, Critique, exercises, projects, tests and homework.

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