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Monday, October 19, 2009


Random Blogging

This morning was a weird one.
I forgot that our instructor was scheduled for a trip to Europe, and that a 'substitute' was going to supervise lab time and check on our work for project 2.

Well that was that... the 'substitute' didn't show up. Or at least didn't show up on time.
The class waited by the steps for at least about 40 minutes. I thought I would stay longer since I didn't have anything else planned for THAT time in the morning. Some students started writing their names onto a sheet of paper and taped it on the classroom door, my turn came to pencil in my name as well. Later realized that there was no class information nor date, the hay, I dot them down just after the last of the classmates were done with their signature.

Having the morning freed, I decided that it was time to get a trip. Boy, oh boy... it was not just a trim, but a full haircut.
Although it was not the trim that I asked, the final product was of my liking, so I accepted it. It's cool, hair grows back out again, and again, and again, ...
Now going back to my ordinary Monday afternoons... work on class assignments, and let my imagination run on paper. This multiplicity assignment has always made my imagination run wild, thinking on new scenes and stories that I would like to portray at a later time. It's just a bummer that there is not enough resources to pull some of my ideas off. -_-

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