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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Green Screening

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MP had a 'special effects' filming this afternoon.

I decided to take a break from my visual effects designing and headed over to help out. Just as soon as we finished filming the missing scenes for the 'digimon' video, I went to church and spend some time there to catch up with some old friends, and EAT of course.

Just as I was finishing eating, MP walks out from one of the meeting rooms to make a report of the service that is about to start. Since I had finished my food, he convinced me to help him out as a translator for the service, since it was a Spanish service. We spent a little more than an hour taking notes on the service and making observations on the proceedings.

Headed out to his place and there in the garage setted up a 'budget' green screen to film his special effects scenes for the 'ghostbusters' video. It was such an interesting afternoon, with a sombified ghost doing all the scenes. All I had to do was record what was going on as a 'behind the scenes' piece. Good thing I don't have to edit that.

We ended the day by watching some raw editing of the video we just finished filming the effects for. It looks pretty well, kind of makes me want to RUSH with my special visual effects. And then again, I've got school to take care of first. Specially with MIDTERMS WEEK.

Back to my Multiplicity piece.

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