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Saturday, October 17, 2009


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I got dumped with the task to reformat some video footage for a friend for his halloween short film.

Shooting was interesting, as the characters and the people who portrayed the, came to lif right infront of our eyes. Having made some major editing to the script, in my opinion, the overall product is going to be a masterpiece. It is also so challenging... with the special effects and the overall arrangements. I don't really know how well the video will turn out, but I'm preparing myself to do my best.

The project at hand:
Written by my friend, S.O, and edited by M.P, P.D, and I... the storyline is just refferent to a church youth group that serves a handful of hard working ministries. This video portrays some of the people that are well known through the local community. Poking fun to their personalities and their awesomeness, taking on the direction of super heroes rescuing the world from some very powerful villians. This time around is in the form of "Digimon"... spoof!
Previous projects or short videos have been based on "Power Rangers," "Ghostbusters," "Bleach" and "300" amongst others.

Originally I was to be in charge of the digital special effects; but just at the last minute, I had to step in as a camera man (providing my own). This project sure looks like a rushed one, and it most certainly is. Although there has been a year for planning, people just started to get their gears going a couple of weeks ago. Being the one with the camera, and the only one with the software compatible with it, the task of video editing is now added to the list. But first, I'll need to reformat the files to make it compatible with other software, just in case it comes to worst case scenario and other people would really have to step in. Then I would be able to continue working on the specical effects for them 'digimon' and the opening/closing sequences.
We'll see how this whole project goes.

Addition filming is 'set' for Sunday... honestly, this whole thing is poorly organized. THERE! I said it.
I constantly keep reading messages like "just let me know when you are ready and we'll film your part" from the 'director' of the video. I don't know if he really understood that we ALL have very busy schedules, and that this week's filming days, Thursday and Sunday, had been scheduled making sacrifices in order to help him out. So I made a decision, Sunday is the day to make up for any missing characters and voiceovers that need to be done. Then raw cut editing would be done during the week, followed by special effects and lastly put everything together. It all has to be done before the 30th, so that it is shown at the Haloween Film Fest ... featuring three films by our closest friends.
I'll see what the week has prepared for me.

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