OMARgoodness: Young Adult Ministry & 10th Anniversary!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Young Adult Ministry & 10th Anniversary!

Random Blogging Three Six Five (2010)
Basic Certification is just one week away!

I will most definitely celebrate such joyous occasion with something,
... but not on Saturdays or holidays, I like crowds but this is the time it gets OVERCROWDED! Will check my "BLOCKED-OUT DAYS" ... Another visit to the park will be on THURSDAY July 21st, this day marks the Tenth Year since my family and I moved to the US ... as well in that week I begun my Ministry Journey. This week of July 21 is filled with so many special occasions, but due to financial issues, we will celebrate on the 21st at the Park. Gotta work on a schedule so that we don't miss our favorite shows, rides, and performances. WOO!

Marywood Auditorium through hallway.
Today will start the second week of Summer Institute for Catechist's Basic Certification... and the best part is that Fr. Q. has approved my application form, that is some GREAT news! I will now be able to resume my calling in Young Adult Ministry, thanks to the new-more-strict Diocese Guidelines, Requirements, and Expectations. Once I'm done with Basic Certification, my goal is to become a Master Catechist and/or a Nationally Certified Catechist for Young Adult Ministry. God willing.

Last week's courses were R210A (Spiritual Formation) and R210B (Theological Formation)... a summarized description of the courses will lead the weekly posts of class reflections we did last week, and we'll continue doing this week I assume. So stay tuned.

This week's courses are R20C (Pastoral Formation) and M100 (Catechetical Methods)... wish my classmates and I GOOD LUCK, so far it has been a class composed of almost 70 students EACH!

On another note, this past Sunday I got to catch up with some of my 'old' Youth Ministry Buddies!!! I miss you all loads! -_- It was almost shocking how much the community has changed since the last time I was there. I will most definitely keep checking in to remain in the loop of what's what. lol


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