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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Không Mười Chín - Retale deTael

Random Blogging Three Six Five (2010)
Retale deTael [019/365]
NOTE: LAN connection's been down for 24+hours, didn't noticed because I was so busy making collages and arranging layouts for the jubilee book. [Posts 018/365 - to - 021/365 were uploaded on Sept. 17 to both Picasa, Blogger and Flikr due to the complications on the 14 and the many appointments and commitments running an airtight schedule.]
I wouldn't really label this as a complete waste of time, Au Contraire! The story behind this appointments is ... that I spent more time on the walking from the front door to the corporate office (within the same store on the same floor) than the actual interview I was supposed to do there. =P
How the interview ended abruptly: I was discriminated against my lack of retail experience, that was about the fifth question asked... then... silence... and... "no further questions" ... -_- 
Now why this wasn't a total waste of time, because I now know where NOT to apply next time I'm on the hunt for a job. =]

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