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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Không Hai Mươi - Dukie Duke

Random Blogging Three Six Five (2010)
Dukie Duke [020/365]
NOTE: Posts 018/365 - to - 021/365 were uploaded on Sept. 17 to both Picasa, Blogger and Flikr due to the complications on the 14 and the many appointments and commitments running an airtight schedule thereafter.

I was called to meet with yet another site coordinator, but this time was Elementary level as opposed from last Tuesday's which was Intermediate level. The difference is that on Tuesday I actually had the chance to work in a classroom alongside with one of the program leaders and oversee activities during "Sports Hour" ... and Thursday was more of an interview at the Headquarters.
Consequently, I had to get Live Scanned and TB tested... my guess is, I'M IN!!! But since the person licensed for the scan wasn't available had to schedule for another day. And the clinic I went for the test, weren't so neighborly and didn't test me then. [more on next post]

Three Six Five (2010)New School Year, NEW PROJECT 
And this year's project is called: "Project 365"
Since I like to spell things out, I'll name it "Three Six Five"
This project consists on taking pictures daily as you go on with your year. These pictures could be of something you did, or something that reflects your mood of the day, or a picture that inspires you.
For more information, and where this project is based on, do a yahoo search. =P

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