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Monday, March 29, 2010

From sea to shiny sea...

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Feeling kind of bummed...

My phone interview this morning went great, the only down side to the whole thing -_- ...
the clerck that scheduled my interview made a huge mistake.

I took the interview for the wrong place. Good thing my interviewer catch that mistake on time and she re-scheduled the interview for the right place on next Monday (Worldwide Entertainment). By the looks of it, I'm in. But there are still some loose ends to tighten up. It all will be definite when they call me IN to process my credentials and get clearance to the premises.
Please keep me in your prayers, for it aint over until the ink dries (so far it all is electronically processed).


I am really looking forward to work alongside people whose faces are recognized by most. I wouldn't mind moving to Orlando... but I rather take one step at a time, starting at the So.Cal West Coast, working my way around to many different wonderful places where my skills and talents will at last get the recognition long overdue. =P lol

Today, So.Cal

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