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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Comprehensive Detective Work

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HEREIN, a comprehensive list of the mates from the Art 129 class.

I've noticed that, after a little detective work, not everyone from class has a full list of our fellow classmates.
[no special order]

Anayanci Solis [strike out]
George Darby
Amy Caterina
Mark Rivera [uncertain]
Camilo Cordoba

Eduardo Cervantes
Eddie Cobian
Elizabeth Angiano
Gabriela Diaz
Mizaka Brick
Haron Olmos
Esteban Perez
Justin 'Brainard'
Aaron Chidester
Javier Avila
Jose Lopez
Daniel Montealegre
Marco Solis
Martina Buchanan
Peter Nguyen
Gabriel Romero
Marion Miller
Eddie Diaz
Jesus [uncertain]

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