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Monday, November 2, 2009

ART 129 :: Design Concepts for the Web :: B-List

Adobe Bridge CS4 Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Adobe Fireworks CS4 Adobe Illustrator CS4 Adobe Photoshop CS4
This is a list composed of the blogs related PRIMERILY and EXCLUSIVELY to the Art 129 Course at Santa Ana College, CA.

Thank you for taking the time to browse my blog. Feedback is greately welcomed.
NOTE:: This list will be constantly updated as class projects and assignments are completed.

BLOG1:: Random Answers to Random Questions
Just as settign up the profile for Project3, the last question had the option to be ANY random question. This blog is written linking responses for various random questions.

BLOG2:: Art 129 - Making a Blog
Basically, the assignment that lead to the creation of this piece of art. Yes, blogging is also an art form.

Art 129 - Concepts for the Web
Get a closer look to the description and expectations for students to achieve in class.

BLOG4:: Art 129 - Retouching Photographs
Here I have compared the source with the product, meaning... the before and after of the modified images. Project 1, COMPLETO!

BLOG5:: Art 129 - MIDTERM
There was a cry to the winds, praying for assistance, a cry that was heard and answered. [Document not available for current download]

BLOG6:: Galleria
Project 2 at hand. Using Adobe Bridge, we were to create three web galleries.

BLOG7:: Sidetrack Video
Part of project 3 was to upload a video to a blog post; although Blogger has video upload capabilities, I've had a hard time using the form. But we could also post video externally though embedding.

BLOG8:: Psyched vs. Sicked
The midterm is in, the site I chosed are there... but the critiques are coming just around the corner.

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