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Monday, June 6, 2011

Taking a Break

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The DVD is massive, and a lot of work... -_- my brain was desperately asking for some relieve and a well deserved break.

So on the weekend, decided to spend some time with the parents and the rest of the family... COOK OUT BABY!!! Mm, mm! We also went to Ontario to pay a visit and our respects to our Patron from the motherland.

My head wasn't of much help today either, there was this thought that kept invading my concentration. Consequently, I took a small break and worked on that thought... this is what came from that break:
Revised logo. (c) 2011 | Omar Perez

Also, a new project has been "assigned" to me consisting on revamping a You[Tube] Channel produced by the awesome Justin San Juan! The story came to past when he twitted his thought of giving his channel a makeover, to which I replied encouragingly and giving my best wished. Justin then proceeded with a mention that he would like for someone to do it him, to which I signed up for the opportunity to expand my portfolio.

On another note, the hunt for a job, ANY job really, continues non-stop... and filling online applications on every opportunity I get. Had a couple of interviews, but it hasn't gotten past that. I humbly ask for your help here, if you know of any openings, would you let me know PLEAS!? THANK YOU!!! =]

Summer is just around the corner, finals season is upon us... and the world DIDN'T end as predicted. Personally, I don't believe on any of that hooey. JUST live life as it comes at you. Planning for the future is always good advise, but plan for a fruitful tomorrow and not for an apocalyptic tragedy. BE PREPARED though for whatever nature might throw at us.

Here's to a better future for us and our children *raises glass* CHEERS!!!

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