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Monday, April 11, 2011

Five Priorities @archieMI

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Archie Asks: "Bro. If you made a list order of 5 things you need to take care of, what would be your order?"

If you are talking about long term goals that would be...
FIRST; Finish my education, get a BA in the Media Arts and/or PhD in Psychology.
SEGUNDO; Become financially stable, with a job I love to do where I can put all my passion towards.
CEE; Settle my parents debts and retire them... give them the life they deserve.
CUATRO; Continue providing my gifts and talents to serve the Lord and the community.
FIVE; Settle down with the most beautiful girl in the world, and start our own family.

This is the long checklist I have set for my goals in just the top five most important to me and my gratitude. But as we know, life isn't perfect... and I am checking off goals as they get accomplished. I am currently studying psychology in order to become a high school counselor. And going to a Summer Academy to get started on media arts. As some of you may know, I got a call back for an interview for a job in education. Life is starting to smile a little, now what's next is to find that wonderful woman that will make the rest of my life the best years of my life.

Thank you for your time.
Have an awesome week!!! =]

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