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Sunday, February 6, 2011

See you soon Grandma

The Lord has called her daughter to be at His side this evening. He has been waiting to be reunited with her for the past month, and today she went back home.

Grandma Maria, we will miss you... you that would not let age hold you back and go out to the dancing floor and have a dance or two with your beloved grandchildren. I will always remember all that you taught us in order to live a life with grace and joy in the Lord. I am glad that you are now home with the Lord and joyful that I will see you once again...

Your children and grandchildren will always keep you in our hearts, so rest now and rejoice in the Glory of our Father. Don't be sad for us, this will be a short time that we will be apart, and soon we all will dance again... this time, with ALL of our Family.


Maria Claudia Isabel Rosendis Martinez
May the Lord our Father have you in His Glory.
Enjoy the feast that He has prepared for your return home... have a bite for us.


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