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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eleven Eleven Twenty Ten

Liwanag Random Blogging Three Six Five (2010)
11/11 now holds a grand meaning ...

'twas the day before the BeneCon and all through the campus the exhaustion's been felt.
Our first family hangout was today, originally planned for St. Jerome's siblings, slowly escalating to a more big and impressive massive event involving at least three of Liwanag's Saint Families plus some adoptees. It was such a great day that I was planning on blogging about... if the WAN at home got fixed and I could get access to the interwebs, GRANTED.

Lets start chronologically...
Arriving at iFaith's parking lot at 11a.m. NO PILIPINO TIME... granted, some were earlier, some not so early. Drivers were assigned their passengers, through an interesting sorting manner, similar to the sorting at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but not really. Directions were given, prayers were sent to the Father, and the day officially started with the teleportation to our feeding destination, ALL YOU CAN EAT KOREAN BARBECUE!!! @_@ !!! Where some ate their fill, others challenging each other to servings and trays and the rest... just enjoying an awesome lunch at an amazing restaurant.
Not soon after our grub, we all headed to Double Dee for another part of this hangout. In our way there, forgetting todays was a holiday and that there would be constant patrolling, we witnessed some cars get pulled over... ours being one of them. Turns out the officer was looking for illegal substances, which we didn't possessed ... DANG IT, we should've taken the freeway instead of sides streets, but I guess it wouldn't be of help for there be pulling over people on freeways as well.
Despite the small counter-time, we made to Double Dee just in time, everyone else was just about conglomerating to await for the surprise of the day... are you ready for it? ... A SCAVENGER HUNT!!!
For pictures on today's adventures... you will most definitely find them in facebook any time soon...
Just as the different teams were about done with their clues, I got the chance to finally get a year-round admission ticket to the theme park adjesent, which I've been planning to acquire just haven't had the opportunity to be in the vicinity of it all.
Concluding the night with some rehearsal for the BIG NIGHT of HEAVEN WEEK!
Taking place this Friday, November 12th 2010 7p.m.
At Social Science Plaza -A- (SSPA) of UC Irvine
Suggestive donation is $3 per attendee, greater donations are welcome!
I encourage you to come to a night full of Praise&Worship all the while raising funds to assist our brothers and sisters that are less privileged. Also, to bring your family and friends... CARPOOL is always good. Park by Campus Dr. and Standford by the University Town Center.
See you there... txt me for any questions...


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