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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mumble Rumble

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Mumble Rumble. A driving vlog fail by Omar P. (aka Chief):
WHAT UP, FAMILIA!?!!!?!! ... What a day yesterday was...

Hadn't I done the things I did, I'd had more time for this and had it up yesterday and not today. >=| But no regrets, I spent a great evening helping my parents look for a camcorder as present for one of my cousins. =D
About this video, it is my FIRST attempt at putting myself in front of the camera UNscript and UNrehearsed. For scripted and rehearsed videos, I don't have those... my friends are scared of You[Tube] and they only rePLAY those videos at gatherings... -_-
I turned a 20+min mumbling drive into a random mumble conceited drive... David Choi told me to use a lot of effects and transitions, and here you have it. I had loads of difficulties recording this since it's my FIRST attempt an any self close-up attempt, finished "editing" at four in the morn, fell asleep on keyboard and just woke up at nine this morning... Estimated time of upload: nine thirty to nine fifty eight.
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