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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Không Mười Ba - Stop the Presses

Random Blogging Three Six Five (2010)
Stop the Presses [013/365]
And because you are reading this entry, I will treat you with something just a handful selected group of people rarely get to see.

This is my 'scrap' mock op book layout to submit for approval by the "Jubilee Committee" tomorrow afternoon. I decided to give a sneak peak to what the cover might look like if approved, an outline of the content of the book, some notes about layout and the text that would be included in it.
Stay tunned for a digital version of the book once this layout, AND the layout submitted for press, get approved and ready to publish. Pray for the community of St. Polycarp and it's administrators may find the light of true and righteousness.

Three Six Five (2010)New School Year, NEW PROJECT 
And this year's project is called: "Project 365"
Since I like to spell things out, I'll name it "Three Six Five"
This project consists on taking pictures daily as you go on with your year. These pictures could be of something you did, or something that reflects your mood of the day, or a picture that inspires you.
For more information, and where this project is based on, do a yahoo search. =P

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