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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cero Cero Nueve - Project 365

Random Blogging Three Six Five (2010)
Project 365 [009/365]
Though there were loads of interesting things happening to me today, I decided to op for this image. Even before I even considered to take a gander to this phenomena, every time I would hear the jingle "Disney, three six five!" for the Disney 365 short-commentaries I would conceitedly jingle along "Omar, three six five!" I know... LAME, right?! =P
Today while listening to the homily, my mind couldn't help it but to wander off... no matter how many trips I took, they all would end up coming back to the Disney logo from that jingle. Hence, as soon as I got home I started dabbling into coming up with a couple of variations according to seasons. These is what the end product represent from left to right: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, and a general one for my blog label (seen below the title to the left). Let me know what you think, THANKS!

Three Six Five (2010)New School Year, NEW PROJECT 
And this year's project is called: "Project 365"
Since I like to spell things out, I'll name it "Three Six Five"
This project consists on taking pictures daily as you go on with your year. These pictures could be of something you did, or something that reflects your mood of the day, or a picture that inspires you.
For more information, and where this project is based on, do a yahoo search. =P

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