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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sidetrack Video

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I had a load of difficulties trying to post a video into one of my blog posts. The issue... "Updated Editor" and the solution wasn't reached until after a couple of hours of headaches, and intrusiating pain.

The solution... "Old Editor"
Leave it to the IPs to 'update' the editor and leave out the 'video upload' button from the format bar. I favor the 'updated' one a little more than the 'old' one, even after the updated gave me some issues while uploading them pictures.

Well, after this post, I'll be switching the post editor back to updated. I can handle going back and forth just whenever I want to upload a video. And talking about video, here is just a sneaker peaker at the halloween project I'm helping my friends with.
Halloween Sneak Peak...

Let me know what you think, even if it is just to make fun of it, or of myself.
Also have a eyes roll with this old piece...

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